The press review goes on with a small visit of England.

Several magazines argued the market but the most knowing of all was undoubtedly "Amstrad Action", which exceeded the number 100 in January, 1994.


Amstrad Action 77

The English have a shy attachment to the Community and associative system.

It makes them rather different from Frenchies, whom they see as freaks and unruly animals.

However, in spite of a mediocre technical level in demoes, more orientated user, it allowed them to preserve their stage, particularly by articulating it around the world of the public domain, in which they are World champions.

Amstrad Action 77

In February 1993 (Number 89), Amstrad Action dedicated a complete article to the phenomenon of demoes on cpc, by taking support on euromeeting 2 (by Richard Fairhurst)

Amstrad Action 89

Amstrad Action 89

Cpc Attack No 1

Least that they can say is that the English press did not miss.

The hitch is that all these magazines adopted the same editorial policy, what suffered rather deeply. "Cpc Attack" did not make exception and last, even for a long time if the 1st number was "3D" and delivered with its special spectacles. Many these newspapers were besides published with a tape filled with programs.

An article on euromeeting 2 was accomplished in the number 6, which went out in November, 1992 and did not have the right to colour or 3D...



Cpc Attack 06